Web Application Security Expert

Business in today’s world can’t imagine without a website which introduce your service infront of world. So, new websites are never ending and thus the demand for web application security experts. It is predicted that even a most secured website will have at least one vulnerability.¬† This course will get you power to analyse web application and let you find loopholes which are hidden from others.

Web Application Security Expert

The course will be a journey of learning technologies and services which are used and necessary to make a website or web application run in its expected manner. Starting with the basic understanding of web application concepts, we will move on to learning different loopholes found in web application. The overview of some topics that will be covered in training are:

  • Tools used by Experts
  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • Different types of injection Vulnerabilities
  • Advanced Cross SIte Scripting
  • Browser Addons used by Experts
  • Manipulating Upload Functions
  • Bypassing filters and other vulnerabilities

This training will get you practical hands on almost all types of vulnerabilities that an security expert will be looking for while testing web application.

Get trained with us!
Start career as Ethical Hacker/BugBounty Hunter/Security Researcher/Security Consultant/Security Analyst
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Who Can Join?

  • Computer & IT Students
  • IT Professionals
  • Web Developers
  • Network Engineers
  • System Administrators
  • Law Professionals
  • Banking & finance Sector Professionals

You can apply for job roles like Ethical Hacker/Web Application Pentester/Security Researcher/Security Consultant/Security Analyst.


Certificate will be provided under company’s trademark “Krydence Technologies LLP.”


The mode of study is online. Our trainer will teach you personally by using platforms like Skype and Hangout.


The duration of the course is approximately 30 Hours which is equal to session of 1 hr/per day.